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Abledoc Alliance Partner Program


The Alliance Program is ideal for those organizations that produce a product or provide a service complementary to the Abledoc suite of products or professional services. The Alliance partner can independently provide working solutions to current or common customers and new customers alike. The desire to enter into a mutually beneficial agreement; in which the opportunity to sell, market, and install Abledoc to each other's existing customer base, AND new business prospects alike, exists and is relevant. Under this program partners freely share leads and jointly participate in marketing and promotional activities aimed at helping both organizations increase demand for their own products and services.

Typical Organization

A typical Alliance Partner is an organization that offers a complementary product or service, such as hardware, hardware services, data capture, or other enterprise software. The organization wishes to establish active joint marketing efforts, such as press releases, trade shows, promotion to current existing client bases, as well as passive marketing efforts such as co-linking web sites, in order to make the business relationship mutually profitable.


The goals for the Alliance Partner Program are:

  • To jointly increase each other's lead base, to result in increased sales for both organizations.
  • To cooperatively promote each other's products when needed to establish further market share and market recognition.
  • To expand each other's market expertise, potentially opening new markets and opportunities to each other, and targeting those markets through marketing and sales efforts.
  • To pro-actively enhance each other's product offerings to provide real world solutions to each organization's customers.


The Alliance Partner commits to:

  • Participate in a preliminary "product overview" sales course to learn the capabilities of the Abledoc software, to be able to accurately reflect these capabilities in discussions with their customer.
  • Actively market and sell to new opportunities as well as existing contacts.
  • Promote the Abledoc suite to their existing customer base.
  • Work with development staff to build a common software link between the products (if applicable).
Abledoc Commits to:
  • Dedicating the time and personnel resources required to create co-marketing brochures, perform sales demonstrations/calls, and other matters required to bring prospective joint sales/licensing transactions to closure.
  • Diligently work with the Partner's development staff to build a common software link between the products (if applicable).
  • Promote Partner's products to their existing customer base.

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