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The Abledoc OEM program is targeted at organizations that provide a product of their own and that wish to add functionality within their own product offering via embedding/bundling Abledoc Products into/with their own product line. Their desire is to OEM/re-market Abledoc functionality within their own offering, and be responsible for the installation, support, maintenance, customization, integration, training and all other aspects of their resulting product/products.

Typical Organization

A OEM Partner is one who is looking to OEM the Abledoc software suite or a subset of the suite, for offering as part of their base product offering. The OEM Partner will sell and market their solution, which includes some aspect of the Abledoc software. When a new sale is made, the OEM Partner will simply phone in the order and Abledoc will ship the necessary License Key. The OEM Partner is looking to sell, install, and act as front line support for THEIR product which incorporates the Abledoc software, and therefore will support Abledoc software in the same manner.


The goals for the OEM Program are:

  • Incorporate Abledoc Product into a branded, OEM'd solution that the Partner will sell, market, install, support, and customize to the customer.
  • To sell Abledoc software in as quick and pain-free a manner as possible, requiring little to no customization per individual customer.
  • To increase Abledoc's reach and customer base, and tie-ins to other products to gain industry recognition.
  • To give the OEM Partner a product differentiator in competitive selling situations.


The OEM Partner commits to:

  • Have at least two certified Abledoc technicians on staff at all times.
  • Have all certified technicians receive an updated training course at Abledoc at least once per year to keep current with the latest software features and functionality.
  • Set up a testing environment at their own facility, which mirrors actual customer sites, to adequately test new Abledoc releases before rollout to customers.
  • Provide active front-line support to their customers, and work diligently to resolve the customer issues themselves.
  • Provide updated company information for use by Abledoc in marketing brochures, and the like.
  • Dedicate the development resources to keep their product offering with Abledoc software at the top of their respective industry.
  • Provide recognition to indicate within the software that the solution is powered by Abledoc, and other similar type references.
Abledoc Commits to:
  • Provide OEM PARTNER Dealer Software.
  • Provide the opportunity to receive adequate training on all modules at times throughout the year.
  • Dedicate the Abledoc development resources required to keep the combined product offering at the top of the OEM Partner's respective industry.
  • Provide a dedicated sales contact, who will work with the OEM Partner to create marketing collateral, Abledoc product updates, market research and analysis, and other sales/marketing-related tools.

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