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Abledoc Certified Reseller Partner Program


The Abledoc Reseller program is for those organizations that have the capabilities to sell, market, install, train, support, maintain and customize the Abledoc software suite of products to new Abledoc clients, whether obtained through marketing efforts OR that exist as current Reseller Partner customers. A Reseller Partner is able to seek out new business and effectively manage that business throughout the lifecycle of the process, from initial sales contact through installation and ongoing support. The Reseller partner handles all elements of the engagement, including the sale, installation, training, customization, delivery acceptance testing and front line support of the Abledoc suite. The lead typically will be generated by the Partner; however in certain instances, may be provided by Abledoc to the Partner in order to offer the best possible solution to the prospect. Abledoc will provide sales support, but the Partner will be the main driving force behind the selling process.

Typical Organization

A Reseller Partner is a full service Abledoc reselling, support and integration organization. The Reseller Partner has the resources to sell and market Abledoc software, as well as perform installation, training, support, customization and integration services. These organizations have a dedicated sales and marketing staff to promote Abledoc software to their existing customers, as well as create new opportunities in new markets.


The goals for the Reseller Partner Program are:

  • To create a worldwide network of sales/marketing and installation/support partners who actively promote Abledoc software to their existing customers, and seek out new customers through sales/marketing efforts.
  • To create a solution that the Reseller Partner will sell, market, install, support, and customize for the customer.
  • To sell Abledoc software in as quick and pain-free a manner as possible, requiring little to no core Abledoc Product customization per individual customer.
  • To increase Abledoc's reach and customer base, and tie-ins to other products to gain industry recognition.


The Reseller Partner commits to:

  • Have at least two certified Abledoc technicians on staff at all times.
  • Have all certified technicians receive an updated training course at Abledoc at least once per year to keep current with the latest software advances.
  • Set up a testing environment at their own facility, which mirrors actual customer sites, to adequately test new Abledoc releases before rollout to customers.
  • Provide active front-line support to their customers, and work diligently to resolve the customer issues themselves.
  • Provide updated company information for use by Abledoc staff in proposals, marketing brochures, and mediums pointed at representing strength to prospects and customers.
  • Actively promote, market, and sell Abledoc Software, and participate in marketing efforts with Abledoc.
Abledoc Commits to:
  • Provide PARTNER Dealer Software.
  • Utilize the Reseller Partner to perform installation and support services when appropriate, based on the customer's geographic location or the Partner's expertise/vertical market presence.
  • Incorporate Reseller Partner ideas and requests into the shipping product in a reasonable and appropriate timeframe.
  • Provide the Reseller Partner with a dedicated sales contact, who will work with the Partner to create marketing collateral, Abledoc product updates, market research and analysis, and other sales/marketing-related tools.
  • Conduct annual User Conference and other events providing Reseller with speaking and other opportunities to showcase their knowledge and areas of expertise.

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