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Abledoc Sales Referral Partners are those organizations or individuals who are interested in representing Abledoc products to their contact base. This program is ideal for independent sales representatives that may also market and sell complementary products. The Referral Partner will help sell and market the Abledoc suite of products, and will receive sales referral based compensation for bringing Abledoc new business. The Partner will work with Abledoc sales specialists to jointly bring business to Abledoc, and receive subsequent sales referral fees/compensation for their efforts.

Typical Organization

A Sales Referral Partner is an organization or individual who has a contact base to which they wish to market, promote and help sell Abledoc software to, working in conjunction with Abledoc sales/marketing personnel. This organization has the time and personnel resources to help Abledoc bring the potential deal to closure, and desires compensation for their role in bringing the new deal to closure.


The goals for the Sales Referral Program are:

  • To work with Abledoc sales specialists to provide solutions for the Partner's contact base.
  • To jointly market Abledoc software to the Partner's contacts.
  • To leverage existing and new contacts to identify potential opportunities, and establish Abledoc software in new markets.
  • Establish a long-term, mutually profitable relationship.


The Sales Referral Partner commits to:

  • Participate in a preliminary "product overview" sales course to learn the capabilities of the Abledoc software, to be able to accurately reflect these capabilities in discussions with their customer.
  • Participate in a sales training course to learn some of the nuances of how to sell Abledoc software, including proposal writing, project planning, and many other topics.
  • Actively market and sell Abledoc Modules to new opportunities as well as existing contacts.
  • Keep current with the advances in Abledoc software through participation in a yearly update session.
Abledoc Commits to:
  • Providing a level of compensation commensurate with revenues generated per closed deal.
  • Dedicating the time and personnel resources required to create co-marketing brochures, perform sales demonstrations/calls, and other matters required to bring the deal to closure.
  • Timely payment of Partner compensation.

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