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Did you know that it costs your company...
  • $20 to create, manage, file and route a single document
  • $120 to find a misplaced document
  • $220 to reproduce a lost document
  • $25,000 to fill a cabinet with documents and
  • $2,000 a year to maintain
Are we a paperless society?

No one would know it from your office, which sometimes seems indistinguishable from a paper-producing factory.

The truth is, no organization will ever be paper-free. But Abledoc can get you a lot closer to that goal. It stores and manages your paperwork electronically-along with e-mails, forms, faxes, files, photos, reports, Web pages, audio and video files, and any other media you use.

Abledoc offers a complete solution, including hardware and software, expert service, training of your personnel, and maintenance. We promise a perfect fit to your needs.

Abledoc is one-stop shopping customized to your needs and your budget, whether you're a small, medium, large or gigantic organization. We'll never "nickel and dime you"; we sell you everything you need but not more than you need.

With the click of a mouse, you can:
  • Control paper overload
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Scan remotely
  • Search more easily
  • Route forms automatically

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