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Searching with Abledoc

The Abledoc Search Engine makes all of the information that employees need to be productive accessible through an easy-to-use search box. The Abledoc Search Engine can store millions of documents, and its security features ensure that users can only access the information that they have permission to view. Retrievals are audit trailed for HIPAA and Government compliance.

Store and open pdfs, tifs, jpgs, word docs, spreadsheets, email, and more.

Abledoc Search Engine is easily integrated into other systems.
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Internet Access
Abledoc search allows you to access your documents from a browser.

Search Builder
Custom build searches using a drag and drop interface. 

Secure Access by user or by groups. 

HIPAA Compliant
System audit logging provides compliance with government regulations. Learn More »
Fostering interchange of information:
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Transactions and Code Sets (TCS) standards should provide the cornerstone of the EMR.

Implementing digital rights management:
Security and privacy is much easier to control in an electronic patient record environment compared to handling paper files.

Enhance the user experience and identify your document faster.

Arrange your search results by categories you define.

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